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Argument* is a Dutch creative studio, founded on friendship and a shared design perspective. Embracing a playful spirit, we explore various disciplines including art, design and media.

Architectural design
Art Direction
Brand Identity
Concept Creation
Content Creation
Creative Direction
Digital Design
Exhibition Design
Furniture Design
Fashion Design
Graphic Design
Industrial Design
Interior Architecture
Lighting Design
Photography and Film
Product Design
Spatial Design
Textile Design

Selected clients
Bob Manders Architecture
Bob Romijnders Architecture
Elzen Zwembaden
Dorus & Mannes
Hous Woningen
Restaurant Lodewijk
Sofie Aaldering
Atelier ROA

+ Private


Drawing from diverse fields such as architecture, product design, graphic design, and art direction, we have a wide-ranging expertise, adapting to various environments.

With a blend of experience and creative curiosity, we seek out new possibilities in every project. Our aim is to engage the senses, evoke genuine emotions, and spark meaningful conversations through our designs and creations, whether it's an interior space, an exhibition, a publication, or an object. We thrive on exploring endless opportunities to bring ideas to life.